Absolutely Blue

This week I bought some of new polishes that Essence put into their permanent collection. I should rather say I bought 3 🙂 There’s much more new ones but they’re not really into my favour.
Absolutely Blue is first that I try. Is blue, as name say jajaja Light pastel blue, not baby blue but that type of blue that I always have feeling there’s one drop op purple/violet in it. This time I used 3 coats cuz pastel polishes are a lil bit harder to work with & they usually need 3 coats to make all even and good.
It’s cute shade of blue, I really like it. Since spring is coming with big steps this color reminds me a lot on Forget-me-not. Flower with wird name in english =) In Slovenian we have a beautiful name for it “Spominčica”. Spomin means remembrance,memory and spominčica would be little reminder, little memory. It’s something in a style of Forget-me-not but more beautiful, at least for me =)

I put my hand on jigsaw/puzzle that I made, then we framed it and now I have it on the wall in my room. It’s amazing fairy.


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