5 new ones

Two weeks ago I went to Novo mesto. In their H&M I saw box of 5 nail polishes *-* They’re in classic colors, colors I already have in my stash but still I had to buy it 🙂 It coast me around 6€ ( it was 5 and something, don’t remember any more). They were in cute box & when I came home it surprised me how big or “tall” they are. Can nail polish be tall? jaajajajja

I used 2 coats for each. The most problems I had with dark red. I always mess up with dark red. I like this color & would love to wear it in spring but I always apply it bad & then put on some other color :/ Color that disappointed me the most is blue. It’s nice metallic blue but tooooo thin, watery. I don’t like this type of polishes. Other 3 are ok (y)


H&M calls it beige, for me this is more gray or dark beige. Have some subtile gold shimmer.


This is not really pink for me. If u say pink I have other color in mind 🙂 I would call it rose cuz I have lipstick by Alverde in the same shade and her name is rose (y) It’s nice romantic color with subtile pink shimmer.


Bronze glitters in bronze base color. It’s the star in the group of this 5 polishes. Beautiful color!


Metallic blue, nice shade that reminds me on navy striped t-shirts 🙂 As I mentioned they put too much water in it :/

5. RED

Dark problematic red 🙂 Photo of swatch that I put here it’s my second attempt. Looks ok but I don’t like that looks darker at the end of the nail. Have red-pink shimmer.

My favourite are Bronze and Beige.


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