My Private Jet

Don’t ya think would be nice to have your private jet? You could go to every part of the Earth whenever you would like. Would be nice even just to fly and watch the world from the sky. Just to dream about that feels really relaxing 🙂 Specially today when I’m sick, my nose don’t like me :// It’s funny that I got sickens from my dad, usually me or my sister or my mum are the ones who send viruses to him… it’s the first time he got sick on his own. Watchin ski flying with him was not good idea xD Even thou it was World Championship and we got gold and bronze medal & we have new national record that is 244m ( third longest flight on skis in the world) Do you know what ski flying and ski jumping is? Watch this if you don’t know –> Robert Kranjec 244m I love this sport (y)
Let’s get back to jet’s 🙂 I don’t have it yet jajaa But I do have OPI nail polish with name My Private Jet. It’s beautiful!! Good substitute for the real deal xD
Polish is in dark dark brown. In the bottle is visible that it’s brown but on nails can mislead you that is black cuz it dries darker. Dark brown is nothing special but this have small holo glitters *-* I read that this is second serie and that when OPI released this polish for the first time holo was more visible. In my polish holo is visible a lot, so I don’t know if this statement about different polish under one name is true. :s

Polish is so cute that I feel in love when I saw it for the first time in the store. When I bought it I thought that its original in my stash. But I was wrong :/ I have IsaDora polish from their New Year 2011 LE. Black Galaxy 728 is black with holo glitters that are bigger than in My Private Jet. When polish is dry glitters are rough, you can feel them if you touch your nails. Glitters in My Private Jet are more smooth, you can’t feel them.

I put Black Galaxy on ring finger, on others is My Private Jet. I used 2 coats. You can see that My Private Jet dries so dark that only difference is size of glitters.

My Private Jet is from Night Brights LE You can see difference be2 new and old HERE


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