Glitter from H&M

H&M have new nail polishes for spring or for late winter =) There are 6 new ones in 2 boxes. For 3,95€ you get cute nail polishes.
I bought box in which are blue,silver and glitter polish (first glitter from H&M that I have yeeey!) They are beautiful! Silver and blue are nothing special or original but what I wanted the most is glitter one *-*

1. Metallic Petrol

Petrol blue color, metallic with extra small silver glitters.. you see them on nails if you look long enough xD

2. Metallic Grey

Metallic grey is name on the bottle, to me this is metallic silver 🙂 Also have some small silver glitters. When u apply some metallic polishes they left visible strokes on nails, this 2 H&M polishes don’t do that. But I have doubts that this is only because I have short nails.

I have 2 coats on nails.

3. Spark me up

This name reminds me on OPI Spark de Triomphe (they have in common that both are glitters, nothing else).
In clear base they put small round glitters in red,silver, light blue and dark blue. I put 2 coats of them over blue and silver polish. Glitters look awesome! I prefer them over silver polish.

Other box of polishes that u can buy for the same price is made of Red,Pink & Beige polish.

–photo from H&M site.


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