Nail polish good for exams

In Slovenia is now time for exams for all ppl who go to university. The day befour my first exam I had bright orange on my nails and I asked myself if this polish is ok to go with it to exam. It’s mybe stupid question but you all know that profesors like to watch to your hands to see if u have written answers on them. With bright nails they see imediatelly that u don’t have, cuz if u had you would hide your hands and not brighten them up with color ( even thou this could be a trik and you have answers on them).
I’m one of the pearsons who don’t like when ppl watch under my hands. If I see that u watch how I write I’ll stop cuz I just feel uncomfortable 🙂 So for me is more light, natural color, color that don’t screams “watch me!”. It’s like that only at exams, on other days I also like bright,neon colors.

Ok, this is my theorie about polish for exam 🙂 I could go without it but I got to much used on having polish on. For this month of exams I decided to use the same natural color for every exam.
It’s H&M polish named “Lavender Frost”. It’s double polish, on one side is purple and on other natural brown color..color light as skin. I love this color! So much that this is first polish that I bough backup :)) Wird but I didn’t try purple yet, mybe cuz runs out to much when I open it and then is polish all over it :/

This is creme color. I thought it would be frosty a lil bit just, cuz the name of polish is “Lavender Frost”. I thought lavender is for purple side and frost it could be for nude side..but its not.
Brush is long and thin. I would prefer if wouldn’t be so long, I’m not so much used on it 🙂 But good is that polish apply smooth so you don’t have big problems with long brush.. it’s not sticky.
Covers totally in 2 coats and drys really fast (y)
–If u see some glitters on my nails is cuz I put glittered top coat over, no glitters in this polish.

What color of polish do you have for exams? Did you ever thought about what color is soutable for it?
And Am I mybe the only crazy one who thinks about how will I look on exam instead of taking care for things I need to know for exam jajaaj xDD

Good luck on exams if u have them now!

P.S They also have duo nail polish in green + pink (Festival Fuchsia) and in red + dark blue ( the name of this I don’t know cuz I don’t have it).


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