Make-up looks by Nicki Minaj from here video Stupid Hoe

I saw this video for the first time this saturday on tv and what immediately caught my eyes were her make up. Here bright colors in new forms, simple but popin eyeliners and ice cream color lips. What I also notice is that she have her OPI Pink Friday on nails ( at least I think so, cuz didn’t saw polish in live yet :/ We’re again behind with LE).
For me the most memorable look is blue one (blue eyes, blue lips), pink is already too much common cuz she use this shade of pink a looot of times.

Looks are easy to do, you just need to find colors like that..I think this is harder part xDD U don’t see lip colors like that in store everyday 🙂

Here are some of the tutorials I found on YT. Enjoy and dare to try some of them (y) =)


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