OPI Argenteeny Pinkini

Argenteeny Pinkini is pink pearl polish with peach shine. I think it will be perfect for this spring. It’s nice soft shade that I wouldn’t bought if wouldn’t be on sale =)) Every now and then our shops put 40% off on OPI polishes ( one bottle normally cost around 13€…now it did around 7,50€). It’s not in my range of pinks but light in shop made her look good, I bought it and I actually like it how it looks on my nails.
I used 2 coats and as with all OPI polishes I didn’t have any problems (y)

Argenteeny Pinkini is from South American LE that came out in 2002. OPI then added here to Classic range, if I read right =) I was 12 in 2002 so had no idea what OPI did at that time xDD Also don’t know what’s connection be2 color and name.. how is Argentina connected with pink? Mybe some alcoholic drink ajajaj

If your interested in this color Za Piko Na I have a lil discount on it till 31.1.2012.
On discount are also this colors from South American LE: Senorita Rose-alita, The Thrill of Brasil.


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