Deborah Milano Purple palette

I’m gonna finally write a review of this palette =) I’m delaying it cuz I was not happy with photos of swatches (I’m still not with some of them, but I really want to show you this palette) and cuz I wanted to try it more than once be four I say something about it.

Palettes name is Purple. Her plastic envelope is purple and in palette there are 4 purple eyeshadow. Eyeshadows are matte ones and shimmer ones. It also have one light powder, light pink blush and darker powder for tanned look. You’ll also find 4 glitter lipgloses, one red & one nude lipgloss.

I’m gonna tell my opinion only about eyeshadows. Powder and blush I never use and from lipglosses I used only nude one. It’s non sticky. Only effect I could see on my lips is that make them glossy. I hoped for light brown color :/

I swatched all shadows on my hand and tried some on my eyes. Darker shades are more pigmented than lighter ones. They are easy to work with and don’t crease for a long time.
I swatched them row by row.


I swatch it over darker concealer cuz otherwise first color was not visible. It looked like my skin just with shimmer =)
First is shimmered skin toned color. I use it for highlighting. Next are shimmer peach orange and light bronze shimmer. My favourite in this row is next and its taupe pink shimmer. I would like that this shade is more pigmented. At the end is dark brown with red shimmer, on skin it turns into matte shadow..I don’t like it very much just cuz it’s matte.


In Palette second row starts with white, I started swatching with blue 🙂 Don’t really know why jajajaj. Anyway, in the middle of the row is my favourite 🙂
First on my hand and last in the row is light blue with shimmer, then is light purple with shimmer. In the middle is purple with blue shimmer. On swatch is not so visible but on eyes you can see shimmer very good. I really like it. Then is light pink shimmer and at the end white shimmer. I would like that pink would be more fact no pink eyeshadow is enough pigmented for me :s I always expect to much from pink shadows 🙂


In this row is my favourite color in this palette. It’s olive color with holo glitters. This color also disappointed me the most cuz it results that they only sprinkled glitters on so on skin you get only olive matte color. I don’t like matte and that’s why I won’t use this color a lot. Still stays my favourite 🙂
Next to it is dark matte olive that looks on eyes as black and I also don’t like it. Then is light green shimmer and then my third favourite. Pigmented turquoise color with small glitters. It’s be2 matte and shimmer but more on matte side. Again they put glitters only on top. At the end is matte black . In palette u see small glitters but they are not visible on eyes.


Here again I started with last in the row 🙂 That is brown color, it’s matte and I use it for shading. Next are two purple colors, both are matte. They are next to each other on color scale, really similar. I think first have lil bit more of blue undertone and second have more of red undertone. After them is dark red with slight shimmer and at the end is brown taupe.

Normally this palette cost 22€, I paid only 11€ cuz I had discount coupon in DM 🙂 It’s the first time I used their eyeshadows. I don’t like Deborah Milano color range and even thou they coast a lot I always think of them as cheap eyeshadows. They surprised me with pigmentation and with duration, they were on for half of the day..a lot! (y)
I forgot to mention be4 that you also get 2 brushes. One for powder & blush and another double-sided brush. On one side is sponge for eyeshadows and on another is brush for lipglosses. Is hard and not really good for lipgloss, you do a big hole with it and you can’t apply good lipgloss on your lips. But I like that they put one brush for every type of make up that they put into palette.
I like how this palette have look of a book outside but don’t like that is from purple plastic. I can see my fingerprints on and eyeshadows stick on easily.
At the end I think that 22€ is too much for this palette cuz it didn’t gave me so much joy as I would expect for that money.

Do you have any of their eyeshadows or palettes? What do you think about them?


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