From brown to pink

Yees you can change u’re nail polish from brown to pink \o/ I’m so happy that I transformed fail brown manicure into lovely pink 🙂
Brown that I don’t like on my nails is 07 Rainbow Blazer by Deborah Milano. Looks great in bottle. It’s not typical brown ( that would I like), it’s brown with blue-green shimmer and with hint of pink microglitters. Polish looked on my nails like I’m sick, I really hated it… so much that I didn’t even take photo of that 🙂 SOo u’ll see only finish jajajaa That is light pink metal base with small pink and holo glitters *-* On sun u can still see some brown coming thro but that works ok and make it even more special. 🙂

Soo this is what I used:

1. Deborah Milano 07 Rainbow Blazer–> Two coats of this. Formula is good and had no problems with applying, only problem is color 🙂

2. IsaDora 170 Butterfly–> This is light duochrome (light pink and light green). Base color is pearly white. I use it as top-polish. I used 1 coat. It lightened brown base polish and gave him metallic look. Was impressed that he did that xD

3. OPI And this Little Miss Piggy–> This is amazing jelly pink polish with a loooot of pink and holo glitters. I bought it before New Year (it was on sale) and never used it alone. Over this two polishes looks super cute so I expect it will look so good on it’s on aswell.
Ohh and I put one coat on.

All 3 polishes together gave this result:

At the end I just have to mention that as base coat I use “Depend Protective Base Coat”. This is the best base coat polish that I ever used! \o/ I can change polishes every day and my nails don’t get colored in yellow \o/ Recommend it a lot 🙂 In Slovenia you can buy it in DM.


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