Chocolate nails <3

Since I tried Catrice Wood You Follow Me? nail polish I fall in love into dark brown nail polishes *-* This one is amazing. It’s dark brown with silver shimmer and micro pink and green glitters but u can see them only in the bottle, on nails they got lost in shimmer story =)
This is my first brown polish even thou I always liked brown but thought it’s too much ordinary color to buy it. OPI have a lot of different cute browns and a lot of other cute colors that get advantage 🙂 Like in upcoming LE…who will buy brown if u get sooo much great spring colors? Still “My Private Jet” landed to my WL \o/ WIll be mine in month with no new OPI collection (y)

More on “Wood You Follow Me?” It’s opaque in one coat but I put 2 cuz I always do like that & not take care what I do with first coat xD Dry fast and stays for long time on nails. After third day they looked like on first & then I removed it…had to try other polishes :)) Polish is from LE but would be awesome if they would put it in permanent collection. Does Catrice have any brown polish in permanent collection? Hmm I never looked :s
Ahh and polish looks darker on nails than in bottle.

Do you like brown nail polish? Which one is your favourite?


2 thoughts on “Chocolate nails <3

  1. Tole kolekcijo pa mi je uspelo zamuditi. Se mi pa zdi tale zelo podoben Essence rjavemu laku iz kolekcije Legends of the sky, ampak ne vem, koliko sta si blizu, ker še nisem videla primerjav.

    Moj najljubši rjav lak je Alessandro Belle Mademoiselle.

    • Jz sm naletela na njo teden pred novim letom. Sploh nism misnla da jo bodo že meli, so jo baje prej dali vn kt je blo mišljeno. Mi je pa malo žal d nism vzela še belega laka iz te kolekcije. Glede primerave ne bi vedla kr nimam še nič iz Legends of the Sky (kdaj sploh pride ven ta LE, sm vidla da nekatere že imajo), dns sm šele do Circus LE pršla xD Sm vidla tega rjavkota n tvojem blogu in izgleda lepo 🙂 Sama ga nimam, nekako me Alessandro kolekcije zadne čase ne navdušujejo in jih spustim.

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