Vampires Love

I don’t really like all vampire stories that are popular right now. I did read the Twilight books but never watched films. I also try to avoid make up collections connected to them but somehow I end up with them =) The same happened with Essence Vampires Love LE. I bought palette cuz I like some colors and got one nail polish and lipstain for xmas. My sister has Eau de Toilette, smells amazing and last for loooong time (y) She also have one nail polish that I gave her for xmas. SHe have “Gold old Buffy“.

1. Essence 04 THE DAWN IS BROKEN

This is light grey nail polish with blue parts and small gold glitters. Blue parts do not shine so they are not glitters but don’t know in what other way name it.. blue parts, blue dots =) This polish and Gold old Buffy I like the most from this LE. Since I already have polish similar to Buffy I gave it to my sister and she like it a lot (y).
I have two coats on photo.

Gold old Buffy


Swaches… I did them over some darker conceler that I bought by mistake cuz I was talking and watching colors at the same time xDD

They are all shimmer eyeshadows, black one have bonus of silver glitters (Y) First gold one was my favourite but on eyes black base is more visible that gold shimmer :/ All shadows are really pretty but they don’t last very long, after one hour shadows started to “crease”.


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