Xmas gifts

Hei,hei! I’m back, we could say xDD I had to take some brake from this blog. Latelly I didn’t have any will or inspiration to write. Had material to post it but always felt like it’s not ok or borring or something else =) Santa Clause took away there thoughts and left me this gifts (y).

I’ve got cute earrings, Essence lipstain and Essence nail polishes from my sister. Catrice polishes on photo I bought to myself =) and 2 lipglosses on next photo.

From mum and dad together I got pan for pancakes 🙂 That was on my wish cuz I want to bake them in Ljubljana. Then I’ve got cute light brown boots (photo soon), “time diary” for 2012 that I desperatly needed jajajaj It’s special one cuz inside are quotes from Paulo Coelho books (translated into slovenian). Then I’ve got book by Camilla Läckberg Written in swedish was published in 2002, in slovenian was this year, in november I think. I already read it and it’s amazing!! Then I also got box for nail polishes 🙂 and album for stamps that I got for Saint Nicholas. I collect stamps…well I did more in the past. With album I also got 2 Swedish stamps =) my mum saw that in 2011 I was in love in Sweden so she bought them for me ( in 2010 I was Brasil lover).

And myself I bought Deborah Milano Palette cuz I’ve got 50% disscount. Normally it cost 22,95€. With normal price I would never buy it, but now I did. Colors are great, I’m surprised =) This are my first Deborah Milano eyeshadows and lipglosses, so far I had only nail polishes. Tomorrow I’ll swatch them and try on me.. it’s to dark to take photos today :/

In next days I’ll show u swatches of all things that I’ve got, mybe even some of thouse that I gave to my sister =)
Hope u all enjoy holidays \o/ Wish u happy New Year and late merry xmas 🙂


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