Wear Something Spar-Kylie while u Follow me on Glitter :)

I’m soooo happy that we have Kardashian Kolor collection in SLovenia!! Not just cuz I do watch them on tv =) also cuz colors are awsome & cuz I promised my sister that I’ll gave her my Bieber nail polish if we’ll have Kardashian Kolor’s xD I don’t like Bieber and also didn’t like that polish. I had it cuz it was my only Nicole by OPI nail polish jajajaj. But I’m a lil bit sad cuz we can buy only 6 or 8 diferent colors out of 14 :/
I bought “Follow me on Glitter” cuz looks extremely awsome! and because of name =p “Follow me on Glitter =
Follow me on Twitter”. That’s my second polish connected with Twitter & I think I saw another one somewhere on internet xD Polish have black jelly base. Inside are small silver glitters and lil bit bigger glitters in the same color as are glitters in OPI Rainbow Connection.
“Wear something Spar-Kylie” i’ve got from my sister. It’s cute pink glitter in pink jelly base. Also have micro silver glitters for the deepth.



I also put OPI RAINBOW CONNECTION over Follow me on Glitter (y)

Bad photo I know :/ Don’t remove nail polish till u’re not shure u have good phots! =) I learned my lesson jajajj

Other polishes from this collection –> Kardashian Kolor
I like Disco Dolls, but we don’t have it :/ instead we do have “Rainbow in the S-Kylie” that is the same as OPI Rainbow connection #fail


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