My Saint Nicholas gift

In Slovenia we celebrate Saint Nicholas day on 6.december. Saint Nicholas is similar to Santa Claus. He brings gifts to good kids and bad kids get stick from Parkelj, creature similar to devil. With him also came angel. I’ve got chocolates and stamps ( I collect bouth) and 2 nail polishes by OPI \o/ I’m gonna show u polishes =)

1. OPI Rally Pretty Pink — For me this is jelly violet base with a lot of gold glitters and not pink…so don’t know why they put word “pink” in name :S It’s from Serena Williams collection. This color was paired with Red Shatter that I bought when this part of collection came out. Polish with so much gold remineds me on India and Orient…I like it a lot *-* And works wery well with Red Shatter. Red becomes more dark than topped on other polishes.

With Red Shatter

2. OPI Rainbow Connection — Polish from The Muppets collection. This are glitters in clear base. They look awsome!! Glitters are in 3 diferent sizes and in silver,blue,green,yellow,orange and pink color.


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