Polishes and lipglosses by H&M for november/december

In november I bought some new nail polishes and lipglosses in H&M. Some lipglosses have new color and some have only new smell, new bottle but old color. Like if u already have red from spring there’s no need to buy new red now. Difference is only in cap, from spring have flowers and from fall have cute horses *-* As I’m fan of H&M cosmetics I bought some dupes jajajaja they cost only 0.95€, that’s my excuse xD

I’ll start with nail polishes. For 3€ u get 3 polishes in each is 4,4ml of product. I bought 3 pearl polishes, 3 cremes I left there ( red,black and purple/blue)
Pearls are: Grey Pearl, Mother of pearls (nude pearl) and pink pearl ( to me this is peach orange with pink shimmer).

I’m not a fan of pearl polishes, I bought them cuz they’re H&M xD I thought grey will be my favourite but it turned out that this is the one i hate and pink pearl is my favourite.


-PINK PEARL with Depend Glitter Blue Crackle 5007

Next are lipglosses. I’ve bought 3 “two-sided” liglosses.

First is “WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES”. On one side is creme light pink and on other is vibrant pink with glitter. This is the same as H&M lipgloss “PINK LILY”.

Second is “SHINE ON U CRAZY DIAMOND”. On side is golden nude with glitters, almost almost the same as “GOLDEN PEARL”, and on other side is light pink with glitters, the same as “PASSION PINK”.

The last is “2 HANDLE WITH CARE”. On one side is creme purple and on other is red with glitters, the same as “PASSION RED”.

And then I also have amazing “BORDEAUX NIGHTS” in bordeaux red. Is jelly with no glitters, perfect for fall \o/


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