Nails on vacations

I had 10 days of vacations \o/ It was great =p I was at home in Črnomelj, then went to Prekmurje (Slovenian region neer Hungary) and at the end we got visit from Ljubljana. And now I’m back in Ljubljana 🙂 I’ll show u what I had on my nails in this days.

1. OPI Uh-oh Roll down the window

It’s from collection Touring America. It’s nice dark olive color that fits well in fall.

2. Essence 05 Grand-Plie in black

From Ballerina Backstage collection. It’s black with orange glitters. I had it for Halloween, it’s perfect for that time..more than for ballerinas xD It was strange for me to wear it cuz I never do black nails.

3. Essence 04 Chirp, Chirp

From Natventurista collection. Wird that in Muller they had it at the end of august and in DM u can buy it now. This is nude polish with duochrome mini glitters visible only “live”, not on photos.

4. Essence 33 Just in case

It’s brown color with shimmer and small glitters in brown color. I say it metal brown but I’m shure that’s not it xD


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