OPI Nicki Minaj collection preview

In this january 2011 OPI made collection with Katy Perry, next year it’s Nicki Minaj turn. Collection will have 6 nail polishes. One is shatter, two glitters and three vibrant polishes in Nicky style 🙂 If u saw at least one of her videos u know what u can expect jaajaj.
I’m excited to see all polishes in our stores but I’m shure I’ll pass shatter. Even thou I like them I saw that I don’t use them a lot. So it’s better that I spend 13€ on some other OPI polish \o/

1. SUPER BASS SHATTER it’s deep purple shatter. Reminds me on OPI Grape…Set…Match polish, just that is shatter version of it. In january we’ll see if I’m right 🙂 Polish is named after her song.

2. PINK FRIDAY it’s bubblegum pink and is named after her cd. I totally like it on promo photos and hope it will be so vibrant in real life to.

3. METALLIC 4 LIFE its glitter polish. Named after her song Moment 4 life. They changed Moment into Metallic cuz glitters are in dark metallic color. Polish for rock girls who like to add some glitters on. Hope it won’t look like Essence 07 Blair

4. FLY is vivid blue polish named after her song with Rihanna…hope Rihanna will also do polish collection (y)

5. SAVE ME is rainbow glitter polish named after her song. WOuld LOVE if would have glitters as in promo photo but I’ll see on my last photo that it don’t have them :/ That’s why I’m not so shure if I’ll buy it. If polish will be too much similar to OPI Rainbow connection or Essence 02 Circus confetti I’m gonna pass it. (Are Rainbow connection and Circus confetti dupe??!)

–> Day after I wrote this post I found swatch photo of Save Me and looks amazing!! Totally as I wanted & will buy it for shure =)

6. DID IT ON’EM its fluorescent lime green polish named after her song.

So far my favourite is Pink Friday and Save me. I hope some of them is jelly..so far I don’t know it they are cream,shimmer,jelly :s If they’ll be long enough in our stores I’m gonna buy all of them..I know! =))

Photo from OPI Facebook where u can see all 6 together

And my favourite song Super Bass =) This video is perfect for Pink lovers.

Which one is your favourite? Will u buy any? I will \o/ =)


2 thoughts on “OPI Nicki Minaj collection preview

    • Your welcome =) Looks awsome on u’re nails and can’t wait to buy it \o/ Sadly in my country we’re way back with OPI collections… like we just got OPI Touring America.

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