Sleek PPQ Me, myself and eye

Today I got my new Sleek palette. It’s LE & u can order it on Sleek web site. In Slovenia we can buy it only on Moja Drogerija I have to congrats to the owner of this web shop! Palette was made with London fashion house PPQ and was everywhere promoted as accessable only on Sleek web page. She manage to convinced them to alow her to sell it on her web shop.

Palette have 12 colors (as all of their palettes), 6 of them are matte others are pearl. As all of their new palettes they have cute names \o/

1. BARRY WHITE its pearly white
2. BACK BOX it’s matte black that u can find in almost every Sleek palette =)
3. SALT ‘N’ PEPPERMINT matte mint color with small glitters that u can see only in palette :/
4. FADE TO GREY silver pearls color that is one of my favourites from this palette, will be perfect for New Year.
5. BLUE MONDAY pearls color. They named it blue but to me this is black with a lot of dark green and blue glitters. In palette looks like dark forest green but in swatch u see that have black base color.
6. SUPERNOVA it’s matte taupe. Another of my favourites \o/ Looks the same as taupe nail polishes =)

Swatches of first 6 colors:

7. SIMPLY RED as name says it’s simply matte red 🙂 It’s great, one day I would like to have pearl red, matte is not so much for me.
8. PINK SORBET it’s matte light coral with pink under tone. In palette to me looks like light coral but on eyes pink comes out.
9. PRIMAL GREEN pearl color. It’s aged olive-green. Reminds me on old paintings. One of my favourites also.
10. CHRIS DE BURGUNDY it’s matte burgundy red. Color that it’s now IN for lips. Lovely color that I love on lips but don’t know how will work on eyes. I’m afraid of “omg are u sick/ill?” look xD
11. LILAC ALLEN it’s light lila pearl color. Good for winter and spring.
12. GOLDEN SILVER it’s gold pearl color. I expected more gold.

All colors are well pigmented ( well for me gold could be lil bit more) The more I watch this palette more color combinations I see \o/ It’s awesome palette with eyeshadow for each season… Like Peppermint+red+pink for summer, Lilac+golden+green fro spring, blue+taupe+burgundy for fall and white+silver+black for winter.
Only thing I don’t like so much about this palette is red envelope. They had something similar with Circus palette. I think they could do it better. maybe they spoiled us with beautiful Curacao & Monaco envelops =)


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