Pink over Pink

Can it go? Yes it can =) I updated my Pink Wednesday manicure with OPI PInk Shatter. From far u can’t see it but from close looks cute *-* I also put it over Manhattan taupe polish and it comes out great fall manicure… I’ll wear it more times \o/

Polishes used:
1. Manhattan cosmetics PRO shine Base coat
2. Jesse’s Girl in Cupcake Frosting
3. Manhattan Cosmetics 95L from Sexy Plexi LE
4. OPI Pink Shatter, Pink of Hearts 2011

Ohhh and in my hands I have Essence lipstick in “52 In the Nude”.

I don’t like their lipsticks cuz they go away really fast..u need to apply it million times per day. But this one I totally wanted =) I also saw perfect fall lipstick by Essence, in that dark red that is now IN but it had glitters. That was party breaker xDD I guess jajajaj For price that they have I mybe buy it, who knows mybe I’ll love it. Glitters and lipsticks together are not for me. I don’t like that glitters stay on u’re lips even after lipstick color is gone & then u have glitters all over u’re face + on lip balsam if u use it after.


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