Cupcake Frosting

Past week I got package from USA \o/ I again did exchange of some cosmetics. One of the things that I got is nail polish by Jesse’s Girl in color Cupcake Frosting. It awesome pink, probably my favourite. I needed only 1 coat. Cupcake Frosting is from JulieG collection. It’s made by Julie G. make up guru on YouTube. I watch her videos a lot of times and I really wanted to have one of her polishes *-* The main polish that I wanted was “JulieG” polish that is coral polish from their standard collection. The Girl then added Cupcake Frosting and Fashion Friday ( awesome purple that I didn’t try yet). She also send me Eyeshadow palette in “Tickled pink” by the same brand.

As I said this pink is super great =) Have better formula than “JulieG” polish, that’s why I’m lil bit disappointed in it.
And…. I was extra surprised when I saw polishes. U know why? Cuz polishes are so small 😮 On all photos they look big cuz girls take close up pictures. Funny right xD In each bottle is 10ml of polish.

Taupe polish is by Manhattan Cosmetics. It’s from Sexy Plexi collection, its name is 95L.
In my hands I have scarf from H&M. I bought it today and cost me 5.95€.

I need to wash it be four I’ll use it and show it on pictures =) Every scarf that I buy I wash first cuz ppl in store touch it (I know that I do that jajajaj just see it is not enough) and they usually smell bad.


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