Essence Vanilla Apple Pie hand Protection balm

1. Essence 24h hand protection balm in Vanilla Apple Pie (Winter edition)

Vanilla Apple Pie Hand Protection balm is Essence WInter Edition hand creme. Every winter they came out with 3 different smells of hand creme. This year they have 3 with smell of bakery \o/ It’s Winter edition Little Bakery LE. I bought Vanilla Apple Pie cuz I think it smells the best. Be for when I saw only photos I wanted to buy Raspberry Chocolate Cookie, but I didn’t like it so much. They also have Strawberry cream cupcake that also didn’t satisfied my taste 🙂

Even thou it’s from Winter LE I’ll use this creme in fall. In winter I use Neutrogena creme with Norwegian formula. When u say winter I think on Scandinavia so hand creme with Norway flag on is for me perfect for winter =)) That Norway flag… yaaah, for lost of years I thought that creme is actually from Norway but is in fact from Germany xD
Enough about Norway let’s move to Essence hand creme 🙂
In creme is coconut oil and shea butter. Their internet page promise u 24 hours of moisture. I guess that’s true if u don’t wash u’re hands for 24h xD But even after washing my hands several times my hand are more smooth than be for \o/ Creme is not sticky and applies great. When u smells it in the “box” u smell more vanilla than apple. When u apply it, first smells the same as in “box” then comes apples and at the end stays for looong time smell that reminds me on the smell when u finish u’re apple pie 🙂 Light mixture of vanilla and apples. Now that I watched again photo on creme and I saw cinnamon I can say I smell that to 🙂 Or Fresh apple juice with cinnamon njaaam! reminds me on apple strudel that I totally adore / My grandma puts Papaver in Apple Strudel ( Štrudelj in Slovenian) cuz that’s how they do it in Prekmurje, part of Slovenia from where she is.

At the end I can say this is good hand creme with smell that I adore. Will definitely use it all fall. It’s my first hand creme by Essence. While watching photo I made big expectations in my head and I got what I wanted o/

Ohh and creme is white, No Vanilla Apple pie color xD


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