Dusty Pink

Heei ppl! =) Had a lil break from blog cuz of some things on university and so, but from now on I’ll again write more regular.
Today is Wednesday so I’ll have post about pink.. I know I missed last Wednesday :/

On my nails is today H&M nail polish from Duo Nail Polish. On it it’s written “Dusty nails” so this is probably “Dusty Pink”. Over it I put OPI Teenage Dream. I used 2 coats of Dusty Pink and 1 of OPI polish. As u can see I have extra short nails cuz half of them were broken because of stress…so I decided to cut all of them. They’ll grow back soon (y)
Today I also bought some pink hair decoration and earrings in H&M.

On H&M internet site I saw some new interesting pink things but we don’t have them here yet, at least I didn’t saw them. They are vivid pink so it’s impossible not to see them =)) If u’re interested go and buy them (y)


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