H&M Nail polishes for Fall 2011

Today I had exam and after it I went to shop just cuz I have that rare feeling that if I buy something after exam I have more chances to pass it :)) I already knew what I wanna buy but when I saw it didn’t know if I should try it or not. While I was thinking other girl took the only number 38 left :/ Now I feel sorry that I didn’t take it. But did learn that I need to be more determined! 🙂

WIth me then went 4 new nail polishes in CUTE bottles. I like all! Can’t pick favourite jajajaj Sadly that orange-brown looks on photos too much orange and purple to dark.
Each coast 0.95€ and is in 7ml bottle.
I used 2 coats on all fingers.

1. H&M Taupe nail polish

Comparison with H&M Grey nail polish

And with Essence 70 Nude it!

2. H&M Plum nail polish

Comparison with H&M Purple nail polish

3. H&M Rust nail polish

The real color of this polish is somewhere be2 this 2 photos 🙂

Comparison with H&M Brown nail polish

4. H&M Cherry nail polish


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