Depend 036

Two weeks ago we got in our shop DM nail polishes by Depend (and all other things that they do). It’s Swedish brand This polishes are so cute and in so much different colors *-* I’m in love!! 🙂 So far I got 15 of them, 2 are crackle. Ohh yea they have amazing crackles. Blue with glitters, lemon green, dark blue with glitters, light and dark pink, violet, white & black and more I don’t remember =)
In SLovenia they coast 1.70€ and crackle ones 2.10€. Some Slovenian girls bought this polishes on their trip to Sweden and they say that this is half of price as in Sweden. Wird right 🙂 Isadora products coast about 4€ more here than there..

Today I’ll show u red polish..number 036. Yaa bad is that they don’t have names, only numbers.
I use only 1 coat, no problems with application. It’s really vibrant red. I thought it will be more shear at first coat, but is not (y)


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