Purple peeptoe

Another Manhattan palette. It’s from the same collection as Beige Ballerina. The name of collection is M& Buffalo (I saw that I forgot to mention this in other post jajajaj)
Palette have 2 darker shades (that on me look extremely the same) and two lighter shades that I like more. Again the lightest have some small glitters.


For makeup I used:
-Maybelline Affinitone concealer/correcteur in 02 Natural
-Manhattan Purple peeptoe palette ( all 4 colors)
-Manhattan eyeliner Original Japanese Ink
-Essence LOng lasting eyepencil 11 Go wild
-Nivea Max Volume Twist Waterproof mascara

And to not have just purple eyes I put 3 new violet polishes on my nails.

1. Manhattan 69G from M& Buffalo collection

2. OPI Grape..Set…Match

3. Nicole by OPI One Less Lonely Glitter

Ahhhaa polish from Justin Bieber collection xDD I don’t like him!! BUT this are FIRST Nicole by OPI polishes in Slovenia so I had to buy it. Plus this one is for my sister ( she’s Belieber or wtf they are). I had to try it xD For me I bought silver one (y)
This one has different brush than OPI polishes and interesting shape of bottle. Application was the same as with OPI glitters.

I put it over Manhattan purple.

All that purple reminded me on song “Purple rain” by Prince. ANd how good, we had a lil bit of a rain today in Ljubljana. I was sooooo happy!! After weeks of hot hot hot days rain is extra refreshing (y)

Klemen Slakonja is Slovenian actor, comedian & not professional singer, he did this just for fun 🙂 If u watched this year’s Eurosong, he’s the one who announced votes from SLovenia.


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