Pink star

This is my Pink Wednesday entry but I didn’t have time to post it yesterday..was packing cuz today I went to Ljubljana. End of vacations, start of exams :/
All products are by S-he Stylezone

I used:
1. S-he Stylezone 160 (pink polish)
2. S-he Stylezone 260 (violet polish with micro blue,bronze and violet glitters)
3. S-he Stylezone nail design stencils

Pink polish is one coat, violet is 2 coated.
After I applied my base colors and waited that they’re totally dry I took Nail design stencil that it’s sticker in fact 🙂 I stick it to nail and then applied other polish (violet as base and pink for stars). immediately after u applied polish u need to take away sticker. It’s really easy to take it away but mine started to break, I think because it’s really hot here. That’s way I made stars only on 2 fingers. U get only 12 stencils in one pocket so I want to save to for the time when it will be more cold :))

S-he Stylezone stencils are great idea but I think I won’t buy any new ones. They have only 2 different versions.


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