Balea Lip Balsams

Recently I use a lot of Balea balsams for lips. Befour I had a big collection of Labello balsams & didn’t want to try any other brand 🙂 In Slovenia Labello is really popular. It’s common to say to every lip balsam “labello”. So if I want that u give me Balea lip-balsam I would say “Can u give me my Balea labello.” Sounds crazy xDDD
All Balea balsams have the same formula that reminds me on Labello Hydro Care , application is smooth & they all smell awesome. Smell stays on lips quite long..I like that! 🙂 They don’t have any special taste.

1. Balea Lippenpflege Fresh Grapefruit –>0.95€

2. Balea Young Fun Taste –> 0.95€

This one smells like all that Coca-Cola lip balsams & it does left a lil bit of bronze color on u’re if u have taned lips.

3. Balea Lippen Balsam Aloe Vera –>0.95€

4. Balea Young Lippenpflege Splashy Watermelon

Fresh non intensive smell of watermelon. Gives wet look to u’re lips, don’t leave any color on. Light and silky.


One thought on “Balea Lip Balsams

  1. The Coca-Cola one is great! Too bad I have only a little left. I bought the “Never Ending Story” lipbal by Balea and it’s amazing. Smells like vanilla, something yummy, even a little fruity…

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