Newspaper and Serviette nails

Weeks ago I saw tutorial about newspaper print on your nails. It’s really easy to do, you just need water newspaper and some light nail polish. The result is quite awesome, only thing I don’t like is that other ppl need to be really close to you in order to saw print. That’s why I put 2 coats of pink polish over it ( + it was Wednesday jajajaj pink one). Mybe I should try this next time on light pink polish. Girl in video also used light yellow, I did it with white.
Serviette nails are also extra easy ( even more than newspaper). U need serviette and base/top polish.

Essence High shine topcoat
Essence 01 Ahoy! from 50’s girls reloaded collection

1. Newspaper nails

I did it after this tutorial:

On left hand I did only newspaper nails but as I wrote, didn’t like I also didn’t take any photo of it. They all looked like thous 2 fingers on right hand. 🙂
Left hand was better with pink \o/

Catrice 160 Sweets for my Sweets

2. Serviette nails

That’s the part that I liked more xD You just take serviette, cut out motive/picture that u like, separate upper part from others. Then apply base coat ( and base color if u want) on nail & be four it dry put on serviette. When it dry, apply top coat… and that’s it =)
I found on youtube tutorial and saw that some ppl name this “Serviette Decoupage Manicure”.

You remove it with nail polish remover. Today it’s the 3rd day that I have it and it’s still the same as first day.


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