My 3 Sleek palettes

While I’m trying to resolve my MSN problems ( never touch update button!) I’ll give u a hint of my three Sleek palettes. I try only one but didn’t make any photo 😦 Will take time for this soon… lately I was on vacations in Croatia and Czech Republic & didn’t do any make up.

Sleek is english brand of make up that have very pigmented palettes. That’s way all ppl love it and talk a lot about them. I wanted to buy one but never knew which. When I heard that on Slovenian page Moja Drogerija u get 1 for free if u buy 2 ( so at the end you get 3 Sleek palettes) I decided to buy them. It was also at the time when they came out with new LE paletts. With Monaco, Curacao and Oh so special.

I bought Curacao and Monaco and as a gift I got Chaos 🙂
One coast 10,92€. In each is 12 different eyeshadows, some are matte, some with glitters, shimmer…
Here are photos of all three, in next days/weeks I’ll wrote about each individually.
So far my favourite is Monaco.

1. Curacao palette LE

2. Monaco Palette LE

3. Chaos Palette (Standard collection)

Till the end of this post I solved my msn problem that was: I clicked update button for msn and all that comes with it (movie maker and things like that). One of the things didn’t want to be updated so all the process stopped. After that I couldn’t start my msn. I tried to update it again and again & always failed 😦 So I deleted all possible connected to msn that I have on my computer and then again upload it on. Now it all works fine \o/


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