Home is a middle stop =)

Or something like that jajajaj Didn’t know what to write in title and came this out xD But it’s true in my case… yesterday we came home from Croatia and tomorrow we’ll go to Czech Republic. We’ll go with our car, on our own with still no reservation in hotel or hostel. It will be an adventure!! Can’t wait =p
Will see some castles and beer factory (y) all other will be surprise for me..Totally don’t know where are we going cuz my mum made trip plan. Hope I’ll find some store with make up (y)

Cuz I don’t know where I’ll go, I’ll show you what I bought in Croatia in Pirovac and my today’s polish.

1. Two interesting sea earrings for 50 kun. 1€ is around 7kun, money that they have in Croatia. So earrings coast me around 7€

Even thou I don’t know where to wear them I had to buy them cuz they’re so special and interesting =) I prefer the white ones.

2. Small picture for 59kun

Last year I bought one in the same store in Pirovac. I have it in Ljubljana and this one will go next to it. They are made by Vodopija.net

I also bought post cards cuz I buy them in every place that I am, I collect them =) BUt didn’t took picture of them =p

And my today’s nail polish. It’s by Essence from their new 50’s girls Reloaded LE. I bought it today & 2 other polishes from this collection, kajal and two lipsticks that I wanted since I saw preview of this collection. They are beautiful, especially the red one (y) and cute two side brush =)

3. Essence 04 Love me tender –>1.79€, 15ml of polish

I put two coats cuz one was to sheer for my taste =) It’s easy to apply, stripes that u saw when u apply are not there when polish drays. Don’t know whats the name of finish but know that this type of polishes were till today on my “hate list” =) but on this one looks ok, or mybe did my tanned hands made it ok xD
It’s also more attractive because of shape of bottle..I totally love it! Wish they had more polishes like that (y).

More posts by me will follow on sunday when I’ll come home. =)


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