Nail foil in pink

Pink foil for pink Wednesday =)

Story: Week ago, or it was two… Two weeks ago I ordered two Sleek palettes (Monaco & Curacao, will swatch soon) and as a gift got another palettes for free (Chaos) and small testers of NYX & Mineralissima eyeshadows and two small pieces of nail foil. I’ve heard be four for nail foil but wasn’t interested in it. At the same time also Essence started to sail nail foils together with glue that u need. I read instructions by Essence and somehow didn’t get it what I need to do with foil =) Wird cuz it’s simple to do, you just need practice to make it look ok. Fast reading and no time was problem.
Soo when I got this small pieces of foil I went to shop blog and there saw video tutorial. I realised that nail foils are fun and went to DM to buy Essence nail foil.

Today I’ll show u how looks pink with name “03 Style me pretty”. I bought pink cuz they didn’t have any violet 😦 and cuz I don’t like how silver looks =)

1. Essence 03 Style me pretty –> 2.69€

U get 3,5ml of glue that it’s transparent. In bottle looks like white. Have blue shimmer so u could see when becomes transparent. It says that u need to wait 3 to 5 minutes be four applying foil on. I waited 4 minutes.
Foil is I’m guessing 50cm long. Nowhere is written and I’m not good with centimeters,meters and so =) Foil come in bottle. To cuz foil you need to take it out and now I can’t put it back xDD So I’ll use bottle for some other thing jajajaj

First I thought they put really small amount of everything. I was wrong =) U need to apply extra super tiny coat of glue, otherwise it don’t dry in 5 minutes and works like normal glue for paper. U also have enough foil for 3 or even more manicures, depends on how long u’re nails are.

Here are foil samples that I got from MojaDrogerija (together with Essence)

Moja Drogerija nail foil
For 3.24€ you get 1,5m of nail foil.

Foils have names and when I put one in Google I got a link by Dollar nail art that have the same foils. I assume to got it from there, cuz foils have no brand name =)

Dollar nail art

In Slovenia u can also order Rio nail foils on Mimovrste. For 40,41€ u get 10 different nail foils, glue, top & base coat in one, glitters, plastic box where u put all this things.

I did all steps that I saw in this video tutorial and the same things are written on Essence box.

My first and second try are more like crackle =) That was not my intention, but u can make crackle effect with nail foil.

It’s written all in slovenian..soo, u put base coat and base color, then glue and when glue drys take nail foil and put it on nail and quickly remove (peel of). Repeat this many times u want and where you want.

On last finger I manage to do it as it should be (y)

My base color is Essence 01 Style for summernights.

This nail foils are “skinny”, don’t know how to say in different way =) not like kitchen foil, more like paper u use for wrapping gifts. For fun and for experiment I’ll try to apply this two on nails, will let u know how it went. Mybe works ok and you don’t need to buy this special ones 🙂


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