Feels like fall

After weeks of hot days lately is all like autumn. Rain,cold,no sun… I don’t like that. When it’s summer needs to be hot,bright and full of sun (y)
Like whether, my nails are also in fall colors & in my ears are fall leafs. I hope next week will be sun cuz I’m going for 7 days to the sea \o/ Can’t wait to swim and to smell sea at night and light wind =)

1. S-he Stylezone nail polish in 320

I used two coats. One coat it’s enough but I put two cuz from some angels the color was to sheer and I didn’t like that. Application was easy and polish don’t leave any stripes.
Polish have light brown for base. It’s full of small brown and silver glitters that gave metallic efect on nails. It remineds me on old gold =) Will be awsome for autumn xD

2. Leaf earrings by C&A. I pay 9€ for 6 diferent earrings.

Today I had this ones:

Other two leafs =)


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