Silver vs. Silver

Two weeks ago, befour I went to my 2 months long vacacions back home to Črnomelj (vacacions that are full of studiing on my bad jajaja) I put out of closet all my nail polishes and realised I have no silver,gray,white or black nail polish (ok 1 black and even that with glitters so it’s not black black). Last week I went to shopping with my sister, she needed some summer cloths & I used that ocasion to buy 2 silver polishes. Both are by Essence and cost me around 2€…forgot the price, but it’s the same as all their polishes.

1. Essence 01 Style for summernights ( from new LE collection Nails in style)

It’s silver with foil (folia,folija) finish. I use 2 coats but it was good even with one. I put 2 cuz I wanted to see how it looks when u put more polish on =) I have no top coat and after 5 days still looks like on photo.

2. Essence Colour & Go in 57 Can’t cheat on me

Lighter silver with holographic finish. This one by surprise really is HOLO polish by Essence! =)) All polishes that they name Holo are not, this one that they didn’t name it holo, is Holo jajajaj
Here I also used 2 coats. One was to pale for me.

Right now I prefer “Style for summernight”…mybe cuz it’s summer xD


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