Emma Watson make up

Today I saw make up tutorial of Emma Watson make up that she had in last premiere of Harry Potter films. I didn’t saw red carpet of the even not eather the film..like all others ( ok I did saw first). My sister is a big fan, she saw all befour movies milion times, read all books milion times =) I came till the last one, last still waits for me & I don’t think I’ll read it soon. I lost interest. That’s wird cuz I was the one who introduced Harry Potter to my sister.

Movin on to her make up.. it’s really interesting. Drama on eyes and nothing on lips =) I like how she added poop/boom to black with a hint of gold. I would just change her hair. She looks, a we say like caw licked her hair xDD But ok, I guess she wanted that her eyes are in spot light.

If u want to have similar make up, here’s tutorial. It’s in portugues brasileiro but u understand all with just watching her =)
Emma Watson have small golden leafs instead of glitters..if u have them u can use them instead of glitters.


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