Manhattan “Manhattan Loves Oktoberfest” collection

This Manhattan collection will come out in september. IN it u will find Blotting papers ( 80 papers in one cute box), 4 lipsticks, 4 Rouge and 1 Mini Mascara.

From photos I can say I’ll love & buy all 4 lipsticks..hope they’ll be in such shades that I espect. Lipsticks also have great detail on cap.. pretzels shaped as hearts ❤ I never use Blottin papers so I'll pass them, the same I'll do with Rouge. Mini mascara is great for trips so it would be better if they would sell it now when is summer and we all travel a lot. I would definetlly buy one =)) Hope it will be good as their other mascaras. I always buy their mascaras.. others only if they are on disscount that I got or if I fund some bonos paper in magazine jajaaj.

Name of this collection reminded me on my trips to Germany & to beer and their music and national dress. We Slovenians have almost the same. In that way we're very similar, the only differenc is languague…but cuz Germans were here in world wars we have a lot of german words in our dialects..we add them a lil bit of slovenian flavour xD Like "butter"="puter", "koffer"="kufer" and so on =)
As they we also like to ski & love skijumping/skiflying (y)
And a lot of beer,wurst,Senf(=Zenf),Sauerkraut… I'm hungry!! =p
It would be nice if some brand would do lipsticks in beer glasses and make up in colors of beer,white as cream on beer, color of senf,sauerkraut and all shades that wurst have. Or imagine lipstick with taste of beer..boys would kiss us all the time! =))


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