My first “Pink Wednesday”

At start of this year I found group of girls who post every wednesday on their blogs about pink polishes. I thought it’s interesting but as I wasn’t pink fan I didn’t decide to do the same. It’s not that now I’m any bigger pink fan =) but I decided to do pink wednesdays cuz I saw that lately I buy a lot of pink polishes..bright,neon, crazy ones..pastel pink is still not my thing. It’s the same with lipsticks.
Also I finally allowed pink color to represent me all of her shades and beauty. As I kid I totally hated pink ( other girls wore pink, I wanted to be diferent so I hated pink and blue. I guess I didn’t liked that “fact” that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. ) and this dissliking went till this year jajaja
So now I kind of see that pink have more diferent shades than just pastel ( barbie pink) and darker pink & that pink is not used just for clothes and kids things. There is a lot of pink thing in this world xD

If u also like, love or you just discovered pink color u can join “Pink Wednesday” here Pink Wednesday blog
U will also find great explanation what this is and what to do to be part of it. Other PInk blogs u’ll find on their Blogroll.

I’ll start with bright pink that I bought yesterday. It’s by brand Ruby Kisses which is new on Slovenian market. U can buy their polishes in Ljubljana in store Nama ( u’ll find them near ArtDeco & IsaDora).
Color is neon pink, creamy and was extra easy to applay. I used only one coat.

1. Ruby Kisses nail polish in RNP135, Pink Flamingo –>2.92€

Polishes on next photo are totally the same. Difference is that Ruby KIsses don’t smell so horrible as Vollare so I’ll use it more times =)


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