H&M Summer nails 2011

Today I went to H&M to see if they have some jeans shorts. Imediatelly when I came in I saw new polishes for summer. They were near counter. I didn’t saw how much of them they have so I was actually runnin all over the shop to quickly find shorts, try it and go in the line to pay ( as they have disscounts it’s always big line). I never bought anything so fast xDD When I finally came to the polishes I saw that there is 8 of them in small bottels waiting for me \o/ ( in 2 boxes, in each are 4 polishes. Each box cost me 3.95€) and they still have a lot of them, so go and buy them =)

First 4 are pastels and other 4 are more bright, one with glitters. I prefer bright ones but pastels are also not bad.

1. Light blue

2. Mint green

3. Yellow ( on box is written Light yellow but on the bottel is just yellow..mybe they but wrong stick on)

4. Coral

5. Yellow

6. Metallic blue

It’s pale blue with a lot og glitters. I put 2 coats, as in all other shades.

7. Pink

8. Purple

In live is lil bit darker & I think it would be good to put another coat of polish just to make color more even.

Second box with bright colors remineds me on China Glaze Island Escape collection for summer 2011 ( there is also yellow, blue,pink anc purple).


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