Monaco wedding

Did u watch wedding in Monaco on saturday? I did =) Their prince/knez Albert got merried. It was nice, especially cuz 3 years ago I was there.. great memories (y). A lot of ppl came but I thing that the best was dressed Royal femily from Sweden =) Princess Victoria had awsome blue and great hat, on her sister dress I liked uper part and I like how their mum is not affraid to wear semi-bright pink/violet dress on TV looked pink on photos is violet)..she looked younger in her =) AT night they changed clothes and I just adore belt on Victoria’s dress! Her mum rocked in darker blue and her sister in light/pastel/baby blue. Their brother and dad were dressed in standard things that they need to wear at this occasions, the same did Victoria’s husband.

Can’t forget on main actores of the wedding =) They were bouth in white. I like golden details on Alberts jacket. Bride had simple white dress with long “train” that the word? =) if it’s not, u’ll see on photos what I mean xD
Fotos are from site Zimbio

1. Photos from Wedding

I like how this girls were dressed… mybe is this Monaco national costume? :s

Princess Victoria of Sweden with her husband Daniel

Princess Madelaine of Sweden with brother

Queen Sofia of Sweden and her husband

2. Dinner after wedding


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