Bright colors

It’s summer and we need bright colors on our nail… thats my opinion =)) U could see that nail polish brands put out more bright and happy colors at summer, at least one or two per collection (y) Latelly I grabed 3 of thems, one is a shop that I would never thought they have nail polishes and even good ones jajaa
For u I have one yellow, orange ( neon) and pink.

1. Alessandro international nail polish 77-165 (bright yellow) –>9.95€

They don’t put names so I’m not really shure if this is the right number. I bought it in Muller ( Ljubljana center). They put new stash of Alessandro polishes. In two years that I’m in Ljubljana I saw that boxes full for the first time =) U can chooce betwen more than 70 shades..I guess cuz I didn’t count but their page says they have more than 70 colors in permanent collection. I didn’t have much time to pick which one I want so I grab yellow cuz first cought my eyes xD
I put 3 coats cuz I had problems with strpies 😦

2. Modelite nail polish, Vernis HD Couleur F3 –>2.95€

Neon orange polish that I bought in shop Tally Weijl, shop with clothes and shoes and accessories. First I thought this is some cheap, crap polish but at home I found their page and they aren’t crap xDD
MOdelite web page

At Tally WEijl they had 10 or 8 diferent polishes, eye liners and I think lipgloses. I bought last week so I’m not so shure what they had, my focous was on polishes xD
Have 3 coats on my nails but 2 were enough.

3. Vollare nail polish, Butterfly collection, Single, 102 (pink) –>0.79€

This Vollare nail polishes are from Poland and they smell HORRIBLE!!! Like paint for wood or something like that. Even thou I own 3 of them, just because of the color =) This one I bought today, didn’t made swatches yet, had no time 😉


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