New shoes

Title like a song =)

Today I bought two new shoes. It was long time ago since bought one, mainly cuz I wanted brown flats & I coudn’t find one that I like =) They must be brown cuz I have bag and watch in brown & if I would have shoes in black or any other color I would feel like #fail jajajaj like I can’t match things together. The other reason why brown is that I have one summer/spring pants that go along brown very well.

So I went to H&M =) They have disscount ( some things up to 50% ) and cuz I wasn’t there for all month jajajaj
I found perfect brown flats & sandals that I wanted for some time but never bought them… or they didn’t have them or I thought that 40€ is to much to pay 4 them. Today their price was 50% down & in my size, so I bought them (y) I love them any minute more =)

1. Brown flats –>9.95€

2. Brown high heels –> 19.95€ ( originaly 39.95€)

Now that I finaly have my “basic” shoes I can buy some others in crazy colors jajajaj I need flip flops.

From the store went with me also this earrings for 3.95€


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