Manhattan Hands up! collection

In this post u can see 16 remaining polishes that I don’t have & that I didn’t presented yet. I don’t have my own photos of them so I’ll take photos from other blogs and post links.

Pinkmelon review

1. Manhattan 2 Fresh-excited!

Parokeets swatches

2. Manhattan 3 Oh heaven

Parokeets swatches

3. Manhattan 5 Green peace

Parokeets swatches

4. Manhattan 7 SOHO-Hot

Parokeets swatches

5. Manhattan 8 Friday night fever

Friday night fever

6. Manhattan 9 U La Laque

Mrspetruschka blog

7. Manhattan 10 Night out

Night out

8. Manhattan 12 Urban jungle

9. Manhattan 13 Underwater love

Mrssunshine4life blog

10. Manhattan 14 Laguna beach

11. Manhattan 15 Lemonade

12. Manhattan 16 Gossip girl


13. Manhattan 17 NY Skyline

NY Skyline

14. Manhattan 18 IT Piece

IT Piece

15. Manhattan 19 Coffee to go

NeonWeiss blog

16. Manhattan 20 Blackberry


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