Do you twitter?

I DO!!! A lot =) I’m probablly addict to it, but that’s not the point of this post. It’s also not my interest if u do twitter or not ( if u do u can follow me, I’m @slidija there).
I’m gonna talk about nail polish \o/ Manhattan put out new limited edition collection of nail polishes & for the first time they use names (y) On polish is still number but in promo the use names. Names are also on plate in shop. I hope they’ll put names on polishes next time.
The name of collection is “Hands up!” Have 20 polishes & one of them is this cute blue polish with awsome name =p Well I bought it more because of the name that of the shade, but looks good on nails.

IN this post I’ll show u only “Do you twitter?”, in next the other 3 that I have and in next other 16 that are left. I’ll do it like that so the post woun’t be tooooo long =)

Soo… =) “Do you twitter” with number 04 cost me 4.79€. I have 2 coats on nails, it’s easy to apply & cream shade. Inspiration for the color was Twitter sign which is blue bird.

ANd noe the polish that is in my opinion must buy polish for every twitter addict girl xDD So u can twitt in style.

Twitt,twitt! =)


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