I know it’s not winter now, still I miss schneeballen sometimes xDD
Schneeballen means snow balls in german. But in Rothenburg ob der Tauber (Germany) Schneeballen also means special tipe of pastry that is made only there. When I was there in april I tried it and is GOOOOD! =)

Schneeballen are deep fried dough covered with diferent flavours.
They serve it in small basket with knife. I was surprised when I saw knife =) I thought u can eat it with hands but u need knife to starts it, to cut it on pieces. Pastry is not “hard” but u can’t just put it in u’re mought and start eating =))) U’ll be dirty quick. I ate Amaretto Schneballen, my sis Chocolate Schneballen and the third one I think it was Hazelnuts Schneballen..not shure jajaj mybe it was the same as mine.

In a store when we bought them u could saw how they make Schneeballen. It’s interesting and totally easy.They have more than 20 sorts/flavours of Schneeball.. some other stores have more, some less and u can’t see in all how they make them.

We were here –>
Recept if u want to make it at home –>

Fotos =)


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