Violet/lila is today =)

Sometimes I nonintetionaly buy things of the same color on the same day =) This week that was violet color. I quess I’m into this color..I even sayed that we need to color our house in light violet xD We’re planing to do this next year. Don’t know if really will be in violet, just hope that not in light yellow cuz latelly there’s milion of houses in yellow in Slovenia =)

My today violets are:

1. IsaDora Jelly Lipstick in 54 Lilac Tulle –>16.89€

It’s light violet/lila. Violet with light pink undertone. I though it will be darker violet but I like it anyway 🙂

2. Bourjois 10 days nail polish in 19 –>6.49€

Violet nail polish that should last for 10 days but I woun’t have time to try this =) Tomorow I’m changing it into OPI Stranger Tides ( gonna watch Pirates finally!) Have angled brush that I’m not used of it. That’s the reason I had trubles with applaying. It’s not my favourite brush & I don’t see how it could be usefull.


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