Lipsticks and lipgloss

As I sayed in past post today I bought one lipstick & lipgloss and from befour I have two others that I never present here.

1. IsaDora Jelly Kiss lipstick in 50 Rainbow –> 16.89€

White lipstick \o/ With small glitter in silver, pink and violet. On lips u see only glitters, no white trace behined. It’s awome and I think I’ll use it a lot. It’s for the time when u don’t want to use lipgloss or balsam or some colored lipstick. It also goes along with hard and powerfull make up on eyes.
Because of the glitters it’s hard to make photo of how it looks on lips.. or mybe because of bad light I coudn’t capture reflection of glitters 😦 When u open it have pink-violet shimmer and because of it, on photos looks like it a lil bit yellow.

2. Essence lipgloss 01 Lilac, collection

Lila/Pink base with a lot of green-blue glitters. On lips u see only that green-blue effect that shines and change colors a lil bit. Looks wird and not really holografic.

3. S-he Stylezone lipstick in 125, bright red –> 2.95€

Really pigmented red lipstick, the one that u use when u want to make mark on boys cheek :))

4. S-he Stylezone lipstick in 621/327 blue with violet shimmer

This is old lipstick that u can’t buy anymore but it’s interesting 🙂
On lips u see more violet than blue.

5. Essence lipstick in 43 Kiss you –> 2.19€

Pink with small glitter that u can see on lips and they stick there also after u remove lipstick. Don’t like that and thats why I wount use this one very much.


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