After exam shopping

Today I opened my “Summer exam season” 🙂 Had exam on sociology and went pretty well in my opinion (y) I woke up at 6am, watched twittcam ( live chat on twitter) and then study a lil bit and then went to university. After exam I went to shop, mostly because of some superstition xDD Last time that I pass my exam I went to shop after I wrote it.. so somehow I said to myself, if now I also go to shop ther’s more chances that I’ll pass this one. It’s stupid but I guess I’m not the only one who things or thought like that… In shop I saw girl who was also at exam xD

Soo I went to H&M..where else 🙂 Bought two t-shirts and this cute thing

U put it on head like hippies.. I think it’s cute because of flowers and I do totally feel like Flower girl with it on my head. It coast me 3.95€. Some ppl know how to braid this from real flowers.

Then I went to Muller. There I bought mostly nail polishes and one lipstick and lipgloss.

1. Deborah Milano nail polishes from Pret A Porter collection. Each is about 2€ Bottle of 4.5ml

Pret A Porter is collection of 40 diferent nail polishes. It’s awsome! So much diferent colors that u don’t know which to pick. So I pick the most unusual ones that I’m shure I don’t have. I bought 5 bottles and one I have since begining of may.

All 40 colors:

This are mine:

— 07 Rainbow blazer

–09 Rose chiffon

–17 Orange code

–19 Sombrero tan

–28 Celestial Sky

Have silver and blue glitters.

–22 Flip flop green

I put this one as last cuz I also bought nail polish by Artdeco who looks totally the same. Difference is in price ( Artdeco cost about 9€) and in finis. Artdeco looks like ceramic as it’s said on bottle and Deborah Milano is more shere son I put 3 coats..Artdeco and all other Deborah Milano are 2 coats. It’s interesting that two diferent brands came out with the same unusual green color 🙂

–Artdeco 218 Ceramic nail laquer

Lipstick & lipgloss will be in next post 🙂


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