Sweet H&M Melon and Tangerine

Liglosses by H&M for summer with awsome smell (y) Make me wanna eat melon! I soooo like Melon lipgloss.. perfume of it stays on lips for quite long time. Tangerine is also perfect but remineds me more on winter cuz in Slovenia we have Tangerines at winter, for x-mas. So I’ll left that one for x-mas time. U can use one for 18 months, so will last till then.

At first I didn’t like how this lipglosses open but after few days of use I started to like it…probablly cuz they look so cute! Like the colors, they don’t show up on lips, at least not on mine 😦

1. H&M Melon lipgloss –> 2.95€
2. H&M Tangerine lipgloss –>2.95€


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