Pirates of the Caribbean-Stranger Tides

A week ago Pirates 4 came to Slovenia \o/ I’m planing to see them but don’t know when I will cuz exam time is coming 😦 I really want to go to the cinema..I saw all past Pirates, would be a shame if I woudn’t number 4 =p
Befour I go to the cinema I bought matching nail polish 🙂 OPI Stranger tides. I must say that I don’t like their Pirates of the Caribbean collection. It’s to pastel for pirates & colors are like known to me..not original. Lot’s of other brands put out similar colors for this spring, like Zoya.
I bought “Stranger Tides” just cuz it have the same name as movie and cuz I don’t have this shade of green. But walls in my room in Črnomelj are in some similar color as this xD On paint was written “Avocado” and then we added some white to make it lighter & more suitable for my room.

1. OPI Stranger Tides –> 12.99€

For the movie I’ll add dead head from Essence plate to make it better for the pirates and mybe on one nail Black shatter like their flag and on other hand red shatter like blood. This pastels need to like more piraty xD

And for the make up you can do like Penelope Cruz in the movie. As I sayed I didn’t watched the movie yet so don’t know what is her role…ex lover of main caracter..Problems for the boy xDD


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