NYX & Beauty UK

On Slovenian online shoping page Čarodejka http://www.carodejka.si/si/ I found white lipstick. In one of my very past posts I wrote about white lipsticks and how I want to buy one. Happy that I found it I decided to buy it & also added one Beauty UK eyeshadow palette. I was exited when ordered thing finally came.. BUT.. happines imediatlly turned into sadness. And u know why, because instead of white OPAL lipstick they send me 515 CLIO in Nude shimmer color. I’m not fan of shimmer in any tipe of make up or nail polish. I was in shock when I saw that they send me wrong thing! But even thou it wasn’t my Opal I opened lipstick & decided to try it 🙂 Lipstick have Bees wax & to me smells horrible!! After u applay it u smell that bees wax for at least 5 minutes. Otherwise it was easy to applay. I don’t like shimmer and bees wax smell so I woun’t use it anymore, also I’m not shure if I still want Opal NYX Lipstick 😦

1. NYX 515 Clio Lipstick –> 3.75€

On their page the price is 4.50€ but I payed only 3.75€ for it. Mybe they knew they’re sending me wrong lipstick & that’s why they gave me lower price. If u don’t have lipstick that costumer order, u wrote back that u don’t have it & ask customer if she/he want’s some other color or u write when u’ll get lipstick.

2. Beauty UK eyeshadow, 2 Soho –> 5.42€

Other thing that came was the one that I ordered (y) Beauty UK eyeshadows in bright colors. They all look awsome & are pigmented a lot. Two are with shimmer and others have matt/mat base with glitters. My personal favourites are pink and yellow 🙂 I didn’t try them yet on eyes. I tryed them on hand just to see how they look & they are easy to applay and to work with.
On their page the price is 6.50€.

–> I like Beauty UK palette and will probablly order some more, just don’t know if from Čarodejka.si Prices on page and real prices are diferent, they don’t send u what u ordered and what seems wird to me..I didn’t have to pay shiping or post service just 11€ for lipstick and palette. On other pages u pay aprox. 3€ for sending/shiping and 0.95€ for post service.


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