Red nails & red eyes

Red nails with O.P.I crackle & eyes with Essence eyeshadow 🙂 Bouth not as good as I wanted but ok.

1. Essence eyeshadow in “44 It’s up to you” –>1.89€

This red eyeshadow have shimmer effect & it’s not easy to applay it with fingers to your hand skin 🙂 Hope it will be better with brush on eye skin. It’s not so powerfull and pigmented as I wanted. I go milion times by Essence stalage in shop but I never saw it..then my sister bought it & I knew I want it to.

I find great way how to use it to not be so strange and not to look as somebody kick your ass xD

If your more crazy u can do this “Avril Lavigne” inspired look

2. O.P.I Red Shatter nail polish –>12.99€

It’s from Serena Williams collection. Sadly I didn’t get second nail polish that came in pair with it. They also had white shatter but again not pair & I want more the other I didn’t buy white shatter.
I have black shatter by OPI and I can say that black one crackle better than red one. Mybe they fucked up the formula with adding diferent colors, don’t know.
When u applay this red looks like blood! 🙂 This would be definetlly better color for Pirates collection by OPI (y)

In a hurry I put it just over base nail polish, only to see how it looks. Don’t know over what will I wear it but I gues the best combination really is over pink, as OPI did it.

OPI also put out silver, navy,blue,tourquise shatter & as I mentioned white shatter. I don’t like any of them..mybe cuz got over all this shatter & crackle thing. To much nail polish brands have it & it’s toooo much 🙂


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